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You're probably all smart enough to figure this out on your own (unless you're reading this from an RSS reader - and come to think about it, why aren't you?) but in case you didn't notice, the new paint and wallpaper is up on the blog.

Which also means the website is finally (finally) done. We didn't get all the pages up that we wanted to so that means we'll be adding more pages down the line when we get around to it. And you all know how fast that happens.

Have a look see for yourself:



Lisa and John said...

The new site looks AMAZING!!!! Thinking of you both and sending a LOT of love your way.

Lisa, John, and the kids
P.S. Did I tell you we're taking another big trip? We leave on Jan. 9 for France for the semester. New blog: www.villagevignettes.blogspot.com (with first post title again inspired by you.)

Traveller said...

Great work!

Just one bug I found on the main page: The Google Maps link results in an error. Also, I think (C) should be at least 2008-2009.

I can't come along, so I'm stuck with the code review. :-)

aileen said...

the new site looks fantastic! have some chips and guac for me! we miss you!!!

Patrick said...

Looks great. Sweet you're sponsored by Firefox. Awesome. Let me know when they ship you some money.

Jason said...

Thanks guys!

Traveller - can you tell me what error you got and what browser you use? I can't reproduce it.

Aileen - will have your share of chips and guac for ya. :) We miss you guys too!

Pea - dude, you're a web savvy guy. What on earth are you using IE for?

Traveller said...

When I click on the Google Maps link on the main page (links to http://maps.google.com/view?kml=http://www.svhelloworld.com/kml/last-10-reports.kml), I get the following from Google: Not Found
The requested URL /view?kml=http://www.svhelloworld.com/kml/last-10-reports.kml was not found on this server.

I get this response when using the IE provided by work or the Firefox at home. Both systems use XP. (BTW, I love the content under "oh dear")

Jason said...

Traveller - good catch. Thanks! Should be fixed now.

Traveller said...


In fairness, I should mention that my website, www.travcnyt.com, is very basic and based on very old technology. I don't even have the excuse that I'm keep my house afloat first for not updating to this century.

Fair Winds!