S/V Hello World's Travel Log

escape from la paz

We like anchoring out way better than marinas. The last marina we were in was San Diego and we only went in to a marina because we had new solar panels to install that we really didn't want to drop in the ocean. However, we need shore power to equalize our battery banks (equalize means to overcharge them and boil the acid in the batteries to knock the deposits off the lead plates inside). The last time we equalized our batteries was... um, never. Since we should be doing it about once a month, now seems like a good time. Our poor boat also desperately needed a bath. She's been covered in salt and bird poo for too long.

We had a few more projects that needed doing so we pulled into Marina Palmira in La Paz for a few days of living the high life. Flush toilets. Hollywood showers. Unlimited AC electricity there for the taking. Christy spit-polished Hello World into a gleaming shine. I worked on getting our decrepit, power hungry refrigerator insulated enough to hold some ice so we could at least run it while the engine was going and keep ice in it the rest of the time. I made a run to Home Depot - yes, they have a Home Depot in La Paz, just go to Walmart and hang a left - to purchase some foam insulation panels and spray foam. I made a hillbilly hackjob of it but at least our freezer box has marginal insulating properties now.

We got most of the items on our list complete and left to anchor out in El Megote, the cruisers anchorage off the La Paz waterfront. We spent a few days waiting out the norther and then a few more days struggling to reach escape velocity. La Paz is a hard place to leave. On Saturday, one of the boats in the area hosted a party on the beach including roasting a pig. We all hung out on the beach as the sun set, drinking home made apple hooch, playing bocce ball in the sand and eating succulent fire-roasted pig.

We had to get some more Mexican paperwork in the form of a Temporary Import Permit. Given the effort it takes to deal with the Mexican government and the possibility of getting grifted like we did the last time, we hired an agent to handle this bit of administrata for us and we're happy we did. We also spent an evening with the hilarious crew from s/v Pisces, Jacob & Julia and tried to convince them that going north would be way more fun than their plans of going south.

Our last task in La Paz before leaving was Christmas presents! Don't get too excited, the presents were for ourselves. Mainly one:

If you are currently a fish residing in the Sea of Cortez: BE VERY AFRAID.

The first time our shore power cord has seen the light of day since we left Shilshole Marina in May. Solar power = the awesome.

Bimini and dodger (canvas coverings over the cockpit and companionway of the boat) from our friends on s/v Fly Aweigh. We're envious of their copius solar array and comfy out-of-sun seating.

Wynn from s/v Tynamara throwing down on the bocce court.

Elias and Sarah from s/v Stepping Stone mixing it up.

Kayaking the mangoves of the Megote.

A trimaran sitting on the beach looking not very good.

A mangrove occupant.

24°09.639'N 110°19.978'W

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Luke & Meg said...

Oh man, check out that spear gun! We can't wait to meet up with you guys...you and Luke will be fish-slaying fools!