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blog statistics for 2009

One of our more faithful readers ('sup, Kenz?) asked for some insight on our blog readers. Happy to oblige.

Blog statistics for the year 2009

  • 15,347 visits
  • 24,034 page views
  • 4,838 unique visitors
  • 51% of our visitors use Internet Explorer
  • 32% of our visitors use Firefox
  • 14% of our visitors use Safari
  • 45% of our visitors come to our site directly (via bookmark or typing in the address)
  • 30% of our visitors show up from a search engine
  • 25% of our visitors click on a link from another site that brings them to our blog
  • ??? number of RSS readers. I don't have a way of tracking who's reading our blog from RSS feeds. I might at some point switch the feed over to Feedburner to so we can track that.

Visitor Locales

Some of the more interesting places our blog visitors hail from:
  • Estonia
  • Oman
  • Guernsey (I had never heard of it either, apparently it's a British possession off the coast of Normandy)
  • Croatia (would love to sail the coast of Croatia one day)
  • Iran (seriously? Iran?)
  • Northern Mariana Islands


Things get interesting here. Here are the more popular search keywords used to find our blog:

  • s/v hello world - at the top of the list is a bunch of different forms of s/v hello world. People see our boat name and google us, apparently.
  • westsail 28 - we did one post about sailing with our friend Ben's Westsail 28 including a video of the boat under sail. It's become the top listing on Google when you search westsail 28. How wierd is that?
  • sailing brooks peninsula - we are internet-renowned experts on sailing around Brooks Peninsula on the west coast of Vancouver Island. (don't tell anyone this but we never even raised our sails the day we went around Brooks. Shhhh....)
  • smuggler cove stern tie - This in the top 10 keywords searched on to reach our blog. My guess is because loads of people have no idea how to stern tie when they go to Smuggler's Cove. I say that because we had no idea how to stern tie when we got to Smuggler's Cove.

And here's some keywords we like to file under the heading whiskey tango foxtrot?:

  • turkish hookers - Whoever is searching for turkish hookers is going to be sorely disappointed when they arrive at this here blog post.
  • cabo san lucas can you live on 40000 a month - ummmm, yes?
  • complexity of missile projects - the Department of Homeland Security is totally reading my email right now.
  • craigslist halberg rassey - the idea that someone is looking for a Halberg Rassey on Craigslist kills me. It's a bit like trying to find a Bently in the Nickel Ads.
  • brought to you by the letter r and the number 7
  • cat named shithead aboard sailing yacht - someone is keenly interested in our cat Shithead. Along the same vein, these keywords also ended up at our blog: we are the world shithead, rebecca is a shithead, shithead etymology and shithead jerk dog.
  • hello how are do you want to be the best that you can be because if you want to i need you to come down to stinky buddy world - I don't even have the words to guess what's going on there.
  • hello world is made of energy - clearly, they've seen us sailing.
  • sexy fuca - As in, Straight of Juan de? I'm pretty sure this person was also highly disappointed in their result.
  • worlds smallest swimming suit - Uhhh.... Whaa... Wait. WHAT?

Feliz Año Nuevo!


McKenzie said...

Haha, this is awesome - the search terms are fascinating, thanks Jason!

Christy - of all the books you've read you haven't gotten to the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society!? It's strongly recommended by your local research librarian (Mom :)

Christy said...

um, i've read that. what am i missing?

McKenzie said...

You have a reader from Guernsey, and obviously didn't educate Jason on it's awesomeness.

Traveller said...

It is amazing what search terms will land on a given blog/website.

A friend of mine has a picture of boobies that is the most popular in her collection. Lotsa folks must like birds. :-)

BTW, I wonder how I look coming in. I read through Google Reader, but I click through to read/make comments.

Anonymous said...

You are the 6th result when Googling Turkish Hookers, just above: Turkey - Facts on Trafficking and Prostitution.

But I'm sure you already knew that.

Xdoople Sailors said...

This one's funny, Christy must have posted this one too. :)

Doug and Linda Simms said...

Jason, How did you get all these stats? Is that a blog tool? How'd you do that? svaquadesiac

Adam Yuret said...

Funny, Saw your blog on Pisces' blog list, love the name, especially since I am currently trying to teach myself C# on board here in San Carlos. Anyway, having been a software engineer for WebTrends for the last 10 years or so I was amused to see your analytics post. What product did you use?

Anyway, nice speargun, hope to meet up down the line. dying to put my fishkilling gear to use.

Adam Yuret

Jason said...

We use Google Analytics to generate the blog statistics. It works fine for our needs and is pretty simple to install on a blog. It can be pretty enlightening to say the least. :)

Adam - any chance you know Stephanie Bridges? She worked at Webtrends awhile back and I believe she's going back there.

Adam Yuret said...

Yeah I know Stephanie. Not very well but She has been a fixture at webt for a long time and she would periodically turn up at happy hour at the Rialto. Usually whenever Martin Waugh turned up we'd run into Stephanie.

Small world.

If we cross to Baja we'll try to hunt you down ;)

Jason said...

Adam - keep an eye out for us. We're heading north, hopefully riding this wierd southerly for a bit. We might even cross to San Carlos if we have time.

Adam Yuret said...

Don't come to San Carlos! It'll swallow your soul!

Seriously the event horizon on this place could compete with La Paz. Unless of course you're thinking of hauling and leaving your boat for awhile ;-)

Anyway we might cross to Baja if we escape before the snotty southerlies fill in. Where are you guys now? You clearly have sound internet.

Jason said...

Adam - gimme a shout at our gmail account and I'll fill ya in on our plans northbound. svhelloworld@...