S/V Hello World's Travel Log

San Carlos

After our rough ride across the sea, we got within sight of San Carlos and realized Hello World had finally come full circle from when we bought her here a year and a half ago! We found a cozy spot to drop the hook in the anchorage of Bahia San Carlos and caught up on our sleep after the long ride over.

San Carlos is a little gringo outcropping of Guyamas, and also new home to our friend Nanette. We spent a week exploring town and a bit further since Nanette was willing to drive us all over the place. We finally made it to the famed Soggy Peso bar on Algadones Beach. We had attempted this trip last time we were here without success. It was a great spot and we'll definitely be back next time we're in town. Also in SC, we hiked up Nacapule Canyon - amazing rock formations and plant life up there.

Nacapule Canyon

Outside of town, we made a shopping trip to Obregon, about 2 hours south of SC. For a medium sized town, this place had the most monstrous commercial district I've ever seen in Mexico.

La Manga is a little fishing village about 5km out of SC, so after much planning, we made it there for an early dinner one night. Without electricity in this village, it's wise to show up a few hours before sunset. Dinner was filled with a variety of shrimp tacos and crap tostadas as we sat in a thatched rooftop deck overlooking the water and islands.

Dinner at La Manga - not too shabby!

Back in San Carlos, Nanette and I did a bunch of work on her nonprofit, Tia Marie's Coastal Cooperative, but the highlight might have been the storm that rolled in as we sat in her hot tub. The lightening was amazing to watch, but once the hail started, we were in pain and ran for cover. That's right. Hail. In Mexico. Just so you guys up north don't think you're having all the fun!

One of the boats that got washed up on shore during the gale that blew through right before we got there. The lesson here? Put chafe gear on your mooring pennant. None of these boats dragged anchor or pulled their mooring balls free. They all chafed through their mooring pennant.

Nanette's "casita". This development started out life as a trailer park and therefore, the rules state that each domicile has to be some form of trailer. So all of the casitas have some sort of RV appendage either bolted on to outside or the building was built around an entire trailer.

Soggy Peso - at last!

27°56.573'N 111°03.761'W


McKenzie said...

Fantastic typo, thanks for the little chuckle at work! :) "...shrimp tacos and crap tostadas...."

Christy said...

hahaha - i totally meant to do that. yummy crap tostadas :)