S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Ballandra - Isla Carmen

On our way up the Baja coast, we scurried along north whenever we had favorable wind so we could then take our time coming south with the prevailing winds. That said, we find ourselves visiting some of the same anchorages we hit on our way north because they are pretty damn fun. Ballandra is one such example. That and we didn't finish the hike there. On visit #1, we hiked up a great arroyo which theoretically would lead us to the other side of the island to an old salt mine. Unfortunately, we left too late to make it to the other side. We were determined this time to get all the way over there, so we left at a reasonable hour (2pm was the earliest we could muster) and headed east. Jason was in the lead and somehow got us off the trail and out of the right arroyo until we were climbing over trees and through the scrub.

We started out on a real trail...

"Does the trail go through this tree?"
"No, it goes over it..."

Did we make it to Salinas? Surprisingly not. We'll just have to come back and try again.

26°01'11.40"N 111°09'50.04"W

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