S/V Hello World's Travel Log

The plans for the foreseeable future

Foreseeable future being 6 months in our case. Lots of people have been asking what our plans are. Originally, we thought we'd keep the boat on the hard in Mexico for the summer and then come back down next winter for another season of cruising before going back to work. Well, as always, the money isn't lasting as long as we had originally anticipated, so our plans have been "adjusted":

Feb - Mar - continue cruising the sea heading south (Jason's sisters are coming to visit in March)
Mar - May - start heading up to San Diego and keep the boat there for the summer
Jun - Aug - head back to Seattle for the wedding and jump on the bike for a cross country honeymoon (and more wedding parties)
Sept - get jobs!!!!
Post Sept - move the boat to wherever we get jobs so we can continue to live on it and work on projects

Believe it or not, we're both looking forward to going back to work. It's been a great break, but we're missing friends and family, though mostly refrigeration :)

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