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san juanico again

We reluctantly parted ways with all of our friends in Bahia Concepcion to head south. We motored for most of a day to get down to Punta Pulpito, a cool anchorage marked by a massive volcanic point. Pulpito has great protection from the north but wide open from the south. As the winds were shifting the next day, we took off for La Ramada in the morning.

To Ramada from Pulpito was only about 7 miles and we had all day to get there so we unfurled the sails and shut the engine off to ghost along at a knot or so. As the wind filled in from the south, Hello World got a little momentum underway. Soon we were hauling the mail in a 10 knot breeze 30 degrees off port bow. We raced all the other boats into the anchorage (ignoring the fact that they are all at least 13' shorter than Hello World - hey, we're not proud).

The next day, the wind shifted again so we ran around the corner into San Juanico proper and anchored with... 16 other boats. We haven't seen this many boats since La Paz. We're used to sharing an anchorage with one or two other boats. But sixteen?

There was plenty of room, so sunk the hook and hung out for a few days. We did some hiking, met some great folks on boats and hung out with campers on the beach. We met a couple from Telluride, CO - Ben and Bev - who spend their summers in Telluride and their winters driving around Baja camping out of their Land Rover. They had this brilliant tent system from South Africa that folded out of the top of their rig. So they spend their winters driving from Mexican beach to Mexican beach, camping and living on the beach. They call it "overlanding". Overlanding is now another entry on Christy & Jason's list of Interesting Ways To Spend Life.

Our friends on s/v Alta Mae took this picture of Hello World at sunrise at Punta Pulpito.

The awesome volcanic headlands of Punta Pulpito.

The San Juanico anchorage.

Christy gets a nice little chariot ride in the dinghy through the shallows.

The high-security private property gate. A few bowls of ice cream later and I wouldn't have fit.

Ben and Bev in front of their supercool overlanding setup.

Potluck on the beach with all the camping folk.

26°22'06.01"N 111°25'39.76"W

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