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santa rosalia

After San Carlos, we crossed back across the Sea of Cortez to the Baja coast - a much more pleasant crossing than the ugliness of our first round. Santa Rosalia is an old copper mining town with a significant French influence because the mine was French owned. Wood was shipped down from the Pacific Northwest 100 years ago and most of the wood buildings remain today - it's different than any other town we've seen in Mexico. And the church downtown? Designed by Gustav Eiffel (of the Tower fame). We had a great time wandering around town, visiting the museum and finding delicious taco stands. We missed the bacon wrapped hot dogs - still a sore subject.

This chart looks old you say? Yes, from 1875. In fact, it's the same data we're using today. Scary.

Eiffel Tower Church

27°20.396'N 112°15.878'W

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