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agua verde

For those of you who have the Heather and Shawn Sea of Cortez Cruisers Guidebook, you know you can't get past the cover photograph without wanting to visit Agua Verde. Well, we finally got there! And we stayed for a week because it's really as good as it looks in the pictures.

When we arrived, there was a bit of a southern wind, so we hung out in the southern part of the anchorage for a few nights. As soon as we pulled in, we could hear the jingle of bells on the collars of goats that were wandering the beach. I knew then and there, that this was going to be a fun spot (As some of you know, I have a special place in my hearts for goats). We dinghied over to our new friends m/v Blue and got to hear about their frightening Mayday call and subsequent adventure getting rescued by the Mexican Navy (story here). Note to self - if we lose the dinghy, forget about it.

As the wind shifted around, we re-anchored in the northern area and took to wandering around the trails and town. S/v Rio Nimpkish soon arrived and we made it our personal mission to find some goat cheese. It took three tries and much walking, but we finally made it back to the boat with a giant hunk of fresh goat cheese. Only then did we taste it. We should have gotten more.

You well know that there was an "incident" with our newly purchased speargun. We now know not to velcro a speargun to our kayak when out for a morning jaunt. It turns out, if you hit it with a paddle, kirplunk. We spent a significant amount of our time in Agua Verde attempting to recover the speargun. We even recruited some friends from s/v Danan and implemented a search pattern involving the 4 of us swimming in concentric circles. That strategy lasted approximately 1/4 of one circle before we resumed our random search. Sadly, we didn't recover the gun - but it's still available to whomever finds the REAL gps coordinates!

As we were contemplating picking up anchor and heading south, we heard our dear friends on s/v Anon were headed our way, so we had a great last night catching up on the last 6 months since we hadn't seen them since San Francisco.

tortilla lessons

gringo tortilla

bartering works! 6 beers for 2 fish

searching for the lost speargun

we're going to replace the pic on the front of the guidebook with this one

pigs tied to a tree. like you do.

best hammock location ever.

25°31.400'N 111°04.427'W

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