S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Candeleros Chico

We woke up after a quiet night in Candeleros Chico, squeezed ourselves some fresh OJ (we have a few leftover oranges from our 40 lb bag) and settled into the cockpit for our own personal Sea World. Dozens of dolphins made their way into the anchorage and spent 15 minutes feeding, jumping and flipping. You don't get better than this.

Once the dolphins took off to entertain other boaters, we headed into shore for a scramble. Jason found a hill that he just had to climb. I wasn't to be left behind, so I attempted to dodge all the rocks that he dislodged. Halfway up the hill, I heard some movement very nearby. You could say I was getting a little nervous, which my precious fiancee noticed and informed me "not to worry, most rattlesnake bites aren't fatal". Seriously? "Um, not sure, I just made that up to make you feel better".

Thanks J.

Rattle? No worries. Probably not fatal.

Long way down...

Loved the rocks!

The obligatory pic of HW.

25°42'23.71"N 111°12'58.36"W

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