S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Honeymoon Cove

Bad news folks. We got lazy with the camera.

Things that we did not take pictures of in Honeymoon Cove:
  • Christy dinghy fishing while covered in 8 yards of mosquito netting
  • The beach littered with hair clippings post cuts
  • Jellyfish sting welts 2 days in - not pretty
  • Our mad anchoring skillz in progress
Honeymoon Cove is not only our favorite anchorage thus far, it's also the sight of our most spectacular anchoring maneuver yet*, in front of spectators no less.

*Fortunately there was no wind to contend with, else our "spectacular" moves would have ended us up on the rocks. We still think we're badass.

Here's how it went: we nudged up into our favorite NW bight in the anchorage until the depthsounder read 9 feet and Jason hucked our secondary anchor off the bow. I expertly maneuvered the boat backwards while Jason paid out 200' of rode on the anchor. He walked the end of the rode to the stern and threw it on a cleat at which point, HW pivoted 180° and Jason ran to the bow to drop our primary anchor as we backed into the bight and I took in half of the secondary rode.

Other than patting ourselves on the back, we had a great time hiking and snorkeling around the cove - finally enjoying the warming waters of the sea again! We met some new friends on s/v Doin' It who we like even more after they've given us the secret recipe for homemade Baileys:
  • 1 cup coffee
  • 1 cup rum
  • 1 cup Nestle Lechera (this stuff is all over Mexico - I think it's just condensed milk with sugar)
  • 1 tsp vanilla

We did take a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment...

Results of mad skillz.

The elusive Mexican red crab. We really have no idea what they're called.

About to go for the winning throw in bocce con shells.

25°48'35.71"N 111°15'35.32"W

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