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New to snorkeling? Learn from the sea lions

Afer 2 nights in Ensenada Grande, we headed down to Caleta Partida where Tammy got to try her hand at snorkeling for the first time ever. Next up? Snorkeling with the sea lions of course. No better way to learn!

Snorkeling practice

The real thing!

After Los Islotes, we headed down to San Gabriel for some great swimming, but more importantly, hucking practice and the traditional "suicide swing" as named by my sister, McKenzie.

Ohhh the ol' suicide swing!

Huck preparation

The objective of the huck is the most non-graceful entrance possible. Achieved.

While we were out screwing around, 2 girls in a kayak came up to the boat and asked for some help - their dinghy was broken, yet somehow 6 of them had gotten into shore and their friends were currently swimming back to the boat - over a mile. No way they were going to make it...so Jason went out for the rescue.

The rescue.

24°25.638'N 110°21.708'W

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Unknown said...

hmm, the only thing I know of sea lions is Fort Bragg, CA and those suckers are vicous! Maybe Mexican sea-lions are chill or drunk though.