S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Puerto Escondito and Loreto

We know, we know...we said we'd NEVER come back to Puerto Escondito, but the lure of internet and fresh produce was too great and we ended up here again. Just for a few days, but enough to get a few blog posts done and fill up on fuel and whatnot. We buddied up with our friends on s/v Rio Nimpkish and rented a car for a day to go to Loreto and explore. It was a great splurge after spending nearly nothing all month. We found it easy to fix that problem and spent a ton on eating out, provisioning and negotiating for a new sarang for Jason (picture coming soon).

The mission in Loreto - the first on Baja.

The "roof" you see here is actually the glass bottom of the hotel's rooftop pool. Bathing suits optional?

Dog on a truck.

We will not die of scurvy, that's for sure.

25°49'00"N 111°18'81.67"W


Lisa K. said...

Beautiful pictures! And enjoy those oranges (I was thinking "scurvy" the minute I saw them!)

Unknown said...

wow, I hope you have many many recipes involving oranges (or a good juicer!)