S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Simultaneous fish hits

Once the sisters (Penny and Tammy) arrived, we did a quick provisioning and then set sail so we could maximize our time on the islands. On our way north, we had two handlines dragging behind the boat and must have driving smack through a school of skipjack because both lines hit at the same time. Jason was down with the flu, so it was up to the girls to bring in the fish (some of the biggest we've caught!). Oh, and still drive the boat. Penny and Tammy were in charge of the 2nd one after they saw the procedure on skipjack #1. They did a fantastic job and Penny even filleted the 2nd fish - she's hired!

We managed to get it all done and sick Jason poked his head out as we were talking through anchoring procedures as we pulled into Ensenada Grande. We were soon busy cooking fish tacos and exploring the anchorage before it got dark. The next morning, the girls took off for our favorite hike up the arroyo while Jason recovered from being sick. Once again, we confirmed that this hike rates at the top of the list for the sea.

Our last night, we met up with a Moorings boat with a bunch of Portland guys - had a great time visiting with them and being convinced into a few taquila shots. We passed on our extra fish since there was no way we'd go through it all - we figured with EIGHT of them onboard, they could eat their fill!

Kayaking the amazing rock structures at Ensenada Grande

Yummmm...fish head...

Morning yoga

The hike at Ensenada Grande goes up an arroyo and ends at a cliff at the other side of the island - amazing views of the sea!

24°33.577'N 110°23.855'W

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