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The Baja-Bash: a tale of cheating Neptune

Baja-Bash (noun); The process of beating your boat north, against the prevailing wind and waves in an effort to bring your floating home back to the US.

There are 3 ways to sail the Baja Bash:
* Coast hopping: motoring north whenever the prevailing winds/waves subside, ducking into port whenever the weather gets nasty
* Clipper route: sail a few hundred miles off the coast the way the old clipper ships used to sail
* Sail around the normal Pacific high pressure system which will eventually point you back to the US (aka sail to Hawaii and then tack)

There are 2 ways to cheat at the Baja Bash:
* Truck it (we've already done this)
* Ship it

When we say we "planned" to bash Hello World to San Diego, we really did have intentions to do it. My dad had rescheduled his life for 3 weeks to help us bash north. We organized a meeting of other boats also doing the bash so we could compare notes and keep in contact. We really were going to do it.

But plans change, as you well know with us.

At about the moment we walked out of the bash meeting (which scared the crap out of us), we got a last minute quote from Dockwise. Dockwise is a ship that transports boats. They literally partially submerge their ship, you sail your boat on, they unsink their ship and then your boat appears in another port. It's like magic. Really expensive magic.

As they say...nothing goes to weather like a 747

After a bit of negotiation, we came to a mutually agreeable price and *poof*, no need to do the bash. So now we have a new plan: hang out in the Sea for an extra 6 weeks, load onto Dockwise at the end of May, fly back to Seattle at the beginning of June, retrieve our boat from Nanaimo and sail her back down to Seattle. Yeah, and get married somewhere in there. Easy peasy.

Dockwise loaded up

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Traveller said...

So is June happenstance or design?


Congratulations and good luck!