S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Pinata store and other La Paz musings

How we've been bungying in and out of La Paz for months and have just now found the pinata store, I have no idea. But the important thing is that we've found it. Kim from s/v Doin' It and I were on a bit of a shopping trip around town when we walked in to what looked like a good sized market and we walked up and down the aisles, noticed that it was ALL CANDY. It wasn't until we looked up to the ceiling and saw hundreds of pinatas hanging that we realized just what we had walked into! Of course we had to bring Jason back, he was pretty well in heaven.

After the excitement of the pinata store, we realized our outboard wasn't outputting any cooling water - less than ideal. Our dinghy is our car, especially when we're in La Paz and anchor a good way from town. And we're way too lazy to row that far. We naturally figured it's the impeller, and were quite proud of ourselves for having a spare. But, spare or no spare, if you can't GET to the damn thing, you can't replace it. After multiple attempts to take the lower gear casing off, we gave up that route. Next attempted fix was to sneak over to the marina dock and "borrow" some high pressure fresh water to force through the intake in the dark of the night. Or at least after the office closed. No go. We had only 1 day before my dad arrived, so we were getting desperate and scheduled our friend Bill on s/v Iron Maiden to fix it the next morning. For $100/hr. As we were getting a tow from Bill (before said scheduled fixing), he offhandedly suggested checking the outlet stream with a toothpick to make sure it was clear. We did that when we got back to the boat and POOF!! Raw water!! So next time you see an errant toothpick in the dinghy, you'll know why.

My dad arrived the next day - his marathon travel day including a car to the train to the bus to the plane to a bus to the dinghy to the boat. That only took about 14 hours. You know they love you when they put up with that! Once we got Dad on board, we were island bound!

Sunrise at the islands


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