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Semana Santa

Santa, it turns out, in spanish, means "holy", not "big-man-in-red-who-brings-presents". Semana santa is holy week in Mexico and (as described by one of the gringos we met in our travels) is when the "Mexicans come down from the hills to spend the week on the beach". Being in and around the water, apparently there are a lot of Mexicans in the hills that we haven't yet met because the beaches were filled.

Bahia Falsa filled with campers and trailers for the week.

After the girls took off on the bus, we headed out of La Paz to Bahia Falsa and Bahia Balandra, both beaches a lot more crowded than we'd seen them before (hill people). We met up with s/v Sapphire once again for a beach bocce tournament, won by Luke's visiting parents who had never played before. Yeah right.

Bocce takes a new turn

Non-floating balls don't stop us

Red for the win!

It's a fine art...drinking a margarita, holding bocce balls and keeping your hat from flying away, but Megan makes it look easy.

24°15.516'N 110°19.095'W

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Nicola O. said...

"Santa" I knew.... "santa semana".. hmmmm....

Ohhhhh... holy WEEK.

"Week." That's not what I thought you were going to say.