S/V Hello World's Travel Log

oh nanaimo, how we dislike thee

The first time we came to Nanaimo, we had the biggest fight of our relationship.

The second time we arrived here, our boat got munched on Dockwise.

Now we have arrived back to retrieve the motorcycle. And realized Jason forgot his wallet in Victoria. As we discuss logistical options of getting our wallet back and also making our splash time in Seattle at 9:30am tomorrow, the hail has started. In June.

We're outta here.


a) We're married!

b) Hello World has arrived in Nanaimo!

out of the office

Hey all, just a quick update on our whereabouts and doings. We´re way behind on the blog and we will catch up with all of our May happenings. We will get photos uploaded - and fix our photo site - soon.

However, we have Hello World sitting in a marina prepped and ready to be put on Dockwise to ship her up to the Pacific Northwest. A delivery crew is going to be loading her on at the end of this week as we are flying back today, leaving La Paz for the foreseeable future.

There's a wedding coming up (ours) that would be poor form to miss.