S/V Hello World's Travel Log

the new truck

After a bee-line across the country, we made it to CT to visit my parents for a few days this week. The logistical plan of this trip has gotten complicated and is as follows:

- ride the motorcycle around for a few weeks and drop it off in Coeur d'Alene, ID
- pick up my parents' car in ID that they left after the wedding and drive it to CT
- pick up my parents' old truck in CT and drive that back to Seattle

My parents were nice enough to give us their old Ford Ranger. They did mention that they weren't doing us any favors. When the windsheild spray and wipers come on randomly as we're driving down the highway, we laugh it off. But 2 hours after picking up the truck, when the clutch stopped working in traffic, we didn't find it quite as funny.

We're currently in NJ at Mohini's house, an unscheduled overnight on our way to DC. But the truck seems to have fixed itself, so that's always a good sign.


Someday, we'll catch up on blogposts, but for now, off to DC!

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