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old denver? no, new denver

We love the Kootenay Rockies. I had never even heard of the Kootenay Rockies before this trip, but I love them after only a day.

We camped last night at Mirror Lake, a cute little private campground (we've given up on Provincial Parks who charge in the neighborhood of $28. To camp. In a tent. Um, no).

From there we took THE most gorgeous motorcycle ride to New Denver. I neglected to take pictures on this ride, but picture this:

30 miles of a 2 lane road, flanked by miles of evergreens in either side, winding alongside a glacial colored creek, wildflowers blooming along the shoulder and once in a while getting a glimpse of snow-capped mountains in the breaks of the trees. Oh, and nearly no other traffic. Heaven on earth.

We arrived in New Denver and were greeted by Dome Quixote.

We couldn't pass that up, so we got a room and hit the great hiking trail, culminating in a cable car ride across the river.

A cable car with a bike rack of course.

We saw not 1 spec of trash on our entire 6 mile hike. Except this. Identified as a VW Bug.

Back to the Dome Hotel in time for a nap and some hot tub rummy (thanks for the waterproof cards Dad!).

49°59'30"N 117°22'17"W

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Unknown said...

Nice! You've been off the bike for a while, your butt must be feelin it! (Talking about another mans butt is strange.)