S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Our favorite signs so far...

1) Weeds are a pain in the grass!
(apparently BC hay farmers don't mess around with their weeds)

2) Badger crossing
(forget about the moose and bear. Those badgers are sneaky)

3) Hours: mon-sat 9-6, sun 9-6
(New Denver grocery store. Beware those tricky Sunday hours)

We're in hopping Eureka, MT...heading towards Fernie, BC for our 4th border crossing into Canada. Taking bets on whether we'll get cavity searched at the border...


Traveller said...

Avoid the French-speaking border guards and you should be OK.

Unknown said...

Canadian border guards are no problem! If you have a pulse and intend on taking tax-payer money you should have zero problems getting in. Another fool proof method is to look Chinese.