S/V Hello World's Travel Log

oh, hello

Holy crickets, has it been silent around here or what?

Sorry about that. We've been embroiled in all manner of real life. It started with... no, that won't do. Let's skip the details and go right to the executive summary:

  • Ran out of money in Mexico (mostly).
  • Put Hello World on a Dockwise ship and sent her to Nanaimo, B.C.
  • Picked up a damaged Hello World from Dockwise and sailed (actually motored because the rig couldn't be trusted) her back to Seattle.
  • Got married.
  • Drove cross-country and back in a parade of two and four wheeled vehicles.
  • Spent a week rafting/kayaking the Snake River through Hells Canyon.
  • Moved shitweasel tenants out of our townhouse, repaired damages.
  • Paid for massive plumbing job in townhouse (unrelated to the aforementioned shitweasels) and spent three weeks replacing drywall and painting.
  • Got jobs - Christy's traveling around the country training software teams on Agile/Scrum. Jason sits in a cube and codes. Could be worse.
  • Still need to get the engine permanently repaired from when our alternator tore off our engine in Ensenada de los Muertos.
  • Still need to get our bowsprit repaired from Dockwise damage.

We are now productive, contributing members of society. We commute to work. We pay taxes. I own several pairs of dockers.

Tell me again why we left Mexico?


Sabrina and Tom said...

Welcome back to the unreal world, the "other" world. If your travels on s/v Hello World were paradise - while fixing boat issues, then this must be hell while fixing house issues, no? Argh!

McKenzie said...

Along with the dockers, don't forget Jason - you also now own a SUIT!! When you wear it, does it feel like you are back in the matrix?

Our parents are happy you guys are once again contributing to social security, so they can maintain the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed.

Jason said...

@McKenzie - I don't know. The only time I wore the suit I was drinking pretty heavily.

@Sabrina - Ahoy S/V Honey Ryder! Repairing sheetrock is definitely it's own level of hell to be sure.

On the plus side, our engine might be fixed in time to GTFO for New Years Eve. Woohoo!

Traveller said...

Thanks for the update.

Sorry for the issues, wet and weasel.

Congrats on getting married.

Welcome back to the cube-farm. It could definitely be worse.

My wife and I just bought a second house and are in the process of renovating both. I'm currently in Austria at a small family gathering.

I hope the New Year improves on the past.