S/V Hello World's Travel Log

RIP Shithead

I wasn't a big cat fan when I met Jason. In fact, I was excited to hear that Shithead was 9 yrs old, thinking that cat life expectancies were the same as dogs and he wouldn't be with us too long.

Of course, I fell in love with the damn cat. Sadly, he wasn't so in love with the boat. Shithead got more seasick than I did. So, before we headed offshore, he went to live in Shithead Heaven in CT with my parents where he was spoiled rotten.

Today he went to real Shithead Heaven.



Traveller said...


I'll think catnip thoughts in his direction.

Scott said...

I'm very sorry to hear that, you have my condolences as well. It's almost infuriating how attached we get to those little furry buggers.

McKenzie said...

I was sad to hear the news this morning :( I have such fond(?) memories of chasing him around the backyard calmly calling his name. I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. Hope you and Jason are doing OK.