S/V Hello World's Travel Log

New drink recipe

I'm not one to mix stuff into my beer. This whole clamato-juice-in-beer thing just doesn't do it for me. But tonight, I was convinced to try shandy (thank you Kevin and Nicole). What is shandy you ask? It's very complicated:

1/2 glass lemonade
1/2 glass cheap beer

It's delicious. Very refreshing, and as Kevin pointed out, you can drink it all day and be fine. I plan to attempt this tomorrow while working on boat projects.


While in Hot Springs Cove in 2009, we followed the tradition of carving our boat name into the boardwalk. We spent a day working on the board to get it just right. Our friends Aaron and Nicole aboard s/v Bella Star were just in Hot Springs Cove and notified us that our board has been defaced.

Our board.

We just can't have nice things.

(Note: we have come to realize that since not everyone know's Aaron's sense of humor, not everyone realizes that this little practical joke is something Aaron relishes and has been planning for weeks. There was no permanent defacing, just temporary enough to crack us right the hell up.)