S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Well, my part is done

Did you miss us? We have been remiss in posting because a) not much exciting is going on and b) we've been busy working on the fridge project. Still. We're thinking about contacting Guinness because we might just be setting the record for longest running boat project.

But at least my part is done. ;)

Jason asked me to do the easy part. Install the compressor. The old compressor lived in the cockpit locker but we had big plans for the new one - we wanted it in the cabin because the warm air that it generates will be used to circulate in some of the lockers and prevent mold (so goes the plan anyway - we might be kicking ourselves when we get to Mexico).

Here is the newly completed compressor install:

The fridge saga continues...it'll probably get done just in time to head north to Alaska where the glaciers abound and ice cream can be kept frozen outside.


Patrick said...

Is said air warm and dry or warm and moist? ;-)

Traveller said...

Progress is progress.

Glad to hear from y'all!