S/V Hello World's Travel Log

The tradition continues…

Jason and I have a yearly New Years tradition to go sailing (or at least boating) on Jan 1 – we’ve done it since our first year together and I’m happy to report, this year we made it out. The fridge wasn’t done done, but it was done enough to keep our beer cold frozen. Woohoo!

Morosaurus (formerly known as Pisces) brought us a special present for the occasion.

That’s right. That’s a scale model of the fridge. Made of gingerbread. Apparently we should have insulated our fridge with raisins and fiberglassed with frosting – much faster to work with.

2 nights at Blake Island Marina were great. We hadn’t been there in ages, so it was good to get back.

We had planned a circumnavigation of Bainbridge Island, but got a call from the Coast Guard to help find an adrift sailboat in our area. Hello World sprung into action! We had visions of salvage rights….

Until we saw the boat.

Jacob and Julia volunteered to board s/v Otter and steer her home as we towed her the 2 miles back to Manchester. They regretted that decision as soon as they stepped foot on the boat. It turns out that s/v Otter was home to a very dead flounder and lots of bird shit. 2 miles is a long way when you’re sitting in poop.

We got Otter back to her owner who was appreciative, but a little perturbed that we brought the boat back to the wrong dock. Or maybe he was upset that Jacob got rid of the dead fish.

Off we went to Manzanita to meet up with some of the Shilshole folk, Palarran and Andante.

A night in Poulsbo was fun and donut filled, as always.

And then Port Madison for New Years Eve where Bint al Khamseen joined us too – quite the party! With a floating sparkler show! Instructions for floating sparklers: 1) get far away from the boat(s) 2) insert sparklers into old floating cushion 3) tow said cushion around the anchorage with dinghy

All in all, it was a great few days on the boat. It makes us long for cruising again, which is handy since we’re headed to PV on Friday to visit Anon.

Feliz nuevo ano!


McKenzie said...

Excellent rescue story! Are you allowed to hold a boat hostage for ransom if you rescued it, or is that still considered piracy? You could have sent the dead flounder to the owner as proof that you had his boat.

Also - your fridge has more food in it than ours, which currently has a week-old bowl of leftover queso, some hummus and a dead flounder.

Sabrina and Tom said...

LOVE the gingerbread fridge!

s/v Honey Ryder

Greg Filipek said...

Fond memories of spending last New Years with you. Glad to see you got out again this year.

S/V Baraka

Jason said...

Hey Baraka! Hope you guys are staying warm! This NYE was a little warmer than last years. We're looking forward to heading north this year. Are we gonna see you guys or are you gonna be cruising the NW passage?