S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Viva Mexico!

It's well past time to write a blog post when our tans are completely gone.

We managed to escape to Mexico for 10 days of amazing weather and great friends in January. No, no, we didn't get to hang out in those hammocks over there, we just got to hike through this amazing resort and pretend we had enough dough to stay. In fact, we stayed with Keith and Olina on s/v Anon. They were somehow laid back enough to spend ten whole days hosting us on their boat without throwing us overboard.

(or maybe this was a hint that we just didn't get)

We stayed in a little town north of Puerto Vallarta called La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (La Cruz for short, because seriously, no matter how many Pacificos we had, we couldn't say Huanacaxtle right). It was a quick drive from the gringo surfer town of Sayulita. So we made like locals and surfed. On stand-up paddleboards. Yes, you heard that right. We stood up in the surf. I was never aware that you could do such a thing - I've only ever seen people on these things in flat calm water in Seattle. Fortunately there is no photographic evidence of me attempting (unsuccessfully) to paddle a massive wave (probably a tsunami) and ending up in a complete and total yardsale of boards, paddles and Christy-parts everywhere. Instead, you get this happy-go-lucky shot pre-yardsale.

We hiked

We danced

We crossed dangerous Mexican bridges

And some rivers with no bridges at all

We sailed (without foulies!)

We got to see old friends s/v Bella Star and s/v Ventured

And we drank lots of Mexican beer. Just like the old days.

Only this time, it was cold :)

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