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cruising mode

May 9th - Smuggler Cove

I gave myself an accidental eyebrow wax, eyelash trim and haircut yesterday.

It turns out the propane oven flame had gone off and I thought I'd relight it. Poof. That was one big ball of flame. Fortunately I did not burn the boat down (see Jason's rule #1) or cause any other damage to the boat or us.

But hey, free haircut! We're always looking for ways to cut costs when we're out. Seeing as we have no money coming in, we consider ourselves in "cruising mode". Cruising mode means doing anything we can do ourselves to be as self-sufficient as possible and avoid spending money; very few dinners out (and then only at cheap places), finding free entertainment, limited spending on booze and other expensive items, and certainly no haircuts.

It may not sound like very much fun, but we manage to get by just fine. Lately I've been fixing up fairly gourmet dinners. Roasted red pepper and goat cheese pizza on homemade dough (ala Dad). And last night was crab stuffed portobello mushrooms.

With crab we caught off the boat

Entertainment can be free if you know where to look for it. Here was a guy on a paddleboard in Vancouver getting pulled over by the police:

And since booze is so damn expensive in Canada, we get around that rule by making our own beer on board (more on this later)

Not too shabby really :)

This second time around, we have agreed that we'd be willing to spend money to experience more of the culture of wherever we are. We feel like we missed out on some of that in Mexico because we were so extremely on the cheap. Maybe Jason will also let me pay for a haircut once in a while...

49° 30.953'N 123° 57.955'W


The Chatty Housewife said...

Oh man, the flame goes out a lot on our boat too and this is a good reminder to be more careful! Yikes.

McKenzie said...

OUCH, glad you're OK...and you didn't break rule #1!

Also, that looks like an amazingly delicious crab!