S/V Hello World's Travel Log

escape velocity

The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force.

- Newton's first law of motion

From June 2010 to May of 2012, Hello World's velocity has truly remained a constant zero. We'd been at the dock for almost two years, working on the boat and making money. In that two years we rarely left the dock, settling into an uncomfortable inertia. As our scheduled departure date of April 2nd came and went, we frantically worked through projects and revised and revamped our departure. On May 1st, we finally broke free of Seattle's gravity and made for northern waters.

We ran up the backside of Whidbey Island to avoid the dreaded Straight of Juan de Fuca (see here for our first jaunt through the Straight).

We timed our arrival at Deception Pass for slack tide and had an easy motor after picking our way through all the sport fishing boats.

May 2nd - Sucia Island

We motored up to Sucia Island at the very northern end of the San Juan islands in no wind. We spent a few days here unwinding from all the boat projects. We did some hiking, some relaxing, but mostly just sat around grinning at each that we left.

May 4th - Vancouver, comma, City of

Because of our delayed departure, we scrapped plans we had of spending more time in the San Juan islands and any time at all in the Gulf Islands. We decided to try a new place and took off up the Straight of Georgia headed to Vancouver. We checked in with Customs (turns out you can bring as much booze as you want into Canada but leave your potatoes at home) and anchored out in False Creek.

False Creek is this cool inlet that sticks directly into downtown Vancouver. It's surrounded by parks, and trails. Granville Island resides up near the mouth of the inlet and we spent a lot of our time there. They have an incredible market (mouth watering meats and veggies), great coffee shops and parks everywhere. We really like Vancouver by boat.

Christy bought scallops right off the fishing boat that caught them.

This whole cruising thing is slowly coming back to us.

49° 16.135'N 123° 57.995'W


The Chatty Housewife said...

We love Granville Island.

Never seen the area of Sucia with the stairs before, will have to check that out.

Megan McDonald said...

US customs: "How much alcohol do you have?"
Christy: "A lot!"
...careful on your way back :)