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a quick update from lagoon cove

Hey all, we haven't updated the blog (you may have noticed) at all during the last few weeks. We've been buttoned up in a few hidey holes waiting out gales in both the Straight of Georgia and Johnstone Straight. We're in Lagoon Cove today and have access to the interwebs. But, it's a satellite connection that has finite bandwidth so no photos, no big blog updates. Just a note to say we're doing well, we love it out here, and we probably won't be able to get a consistent internet connection for another week or so. Cheers!


Steve & Judy said...

Jason and Christy, 5-20-12

Well finally some words. Good to hear from you. How's the new owner at Lagoon Cove doing? Is Bill the old owner still around or did he move out? He used to be a Boeing worker. How about the mechanic, Bob, living on a boat at the marina with his wife, helping out the owner. He helped me solve an electrical problem.

Slight sprinkles today. Yesterday was nice out. Now all LED on the boat. Finally put in the gas lift shocks for the fridge doors, $41.14. I used two Perko catches for the lids for $34.88 to hold them down. I need to put in a wood cross bar so it doesn't leak air in between the middle doors. Sure like your fridge door.

Code Blue update 5-16. We used to have gravity fed spring loaded horizontal fridge doors that when you bent the spring it would close. Usually just touching this spring would create a rat trap effect and have close calls or confirmed bruising for finger tips, hands, head etc. Finally after many years and help from a fellow Caliber owner back east the doors now have gas spring closures. This is much safer and no expected fingers to be missing. They are working great. I took out the middle seal so Judy can open either door now.

We went to Forward Harbor as one of our stops after Lagoon Cove. There is a "sort of Marina" way back in the harbor. We took our dinghy and visited. Played pool, the grandma, showed us where to go for petroglyphs near the beach and house, also near the beach at the pool hall/tavern. We played pool with a couple guys from the place. Docks weren't too good back then, due to ice problems from the winter, after only one year in operation.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Caliber 40LRC # 40134 2001

Denny said...

Glad you're having a good time. I'm still trying to figure out why I came back from Mexico.