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bishop bay hot springs

June 13th

I'm sure there's some very good geological reason that there are a bunch of hot springs up this way, I just don't know what it is. We're starting to get into the land of hot springs and Bishop Bay was our first stop. This spring is in the middle of nowhere. I was expecting a few cabins, or a house or something in this inlet. Nothing. Just a hot spring. With a fantastic building surrounding it and concrete pools to contain the water. The structure and dock were built by the Prince Rupert Yacht Club (about 80 miles away by boat). Very impressive.

Also impressive? The number of logs this place attracts. It's like the Pacific Gyre but for logs.

This particularly large one was threatening the fishing boats at the dock, so we hopped in the dinghy post-soak and tried to pull it away.

It was probably 80 feet long and big enough that I had no qualms about hoping on it to tie on a line. And stable enough that I didn't put on a log rolling show!

We probably burned through 4 gallons of gas moving it about 5 feet, but it was enough to let the fishing boats safely move to the other side of the dock. Yay for our new (to us) outboard!

53° 28.100'N 128° 50.200'W

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