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gameshow time!

It's time for "Name That Animal"!!!

(This post is dedicated to all the bio-nerds in my life. Mostly Kenz)


Pulled up from a crab trap:



These next three were pulled up from a prawn trap:




Double extra bonus points if you name the animal this came from AND the animal it used to be! (sorry for the poop pictures Mom)



Greg Filipek said...

Some of the pics are a bit blurry, and for some reason I can't get them to expand to full size, but here are my guesses:
1. Bear track
2. Graceful Kelp Crab
3. Squat Lobster
4. Baby King Crab
5. Spiny Lithode Crab
6. Sunstar
7. Coyote or wolf (used to be bunny)

McKenzie said...

OK, I'm not sure about the crazy crab pics - those are all really awesome though!! ...the last one looks like those fur balls that owls cough up after they've eaten a rodent. But let's be honest, there's no scale in the picture...next time put your finger or a ruler next to it (the poop that is :) :)

Did you try tasting any of the crazy crabs or did they all get a free pass back home for their participation in name that critter?

Unknown said...

Great photos, and strange new-to-me creatures. Except for the bunnies.... we see those here in the high desert too. :) Thanks for posting them.