S/V Hello World's Travel Log


We've now seen 4 grizzlies! Fortunately, not while hiking, all from the boat. But that means we were far enough away that you all don't get any pictures. It also means that I'm now forbidden from hiking. And the lack of exercise has me going crazy (and when I go crazy, Jason has to entertain me). So standup paddleboards getting ordered and should arrive when we get to Alaska.

You might not get pictures of grizzlies, but expect some pictures soon of a very wet Christy.


McKenzie said...

You know grizzlies are pretty good swimmers. I'm just saying.

Greg Filipek said...

Just a word of advice for folks just entering Alaska (you), they are not grizzlies up here, they are brown bears. Bigger, but similar in most other ways to grizzlies. You will probably get used to them in time and go back to hiking, with the proper precautions. We haven't heard of any sitings here in town in at least a couple weeks.