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june 26th - ketchikan, ak

We had a lovely trip to Ketchikan from Foggy Bay, through Danger Passage.

I still can't believe Jason would go through a place with that name, but we're coming to learn that place names have no bearing on what they are actually like. Foggy Bay was not foggy. Windy Bay was calm (though foggy). Desolation Sound is full of tourists. And Danger Passage? Not so dangerous.

As we got closer to Ketchikan, we started to see the parade of cruise ships.

On a typical day, they have four in town, which basically triples the size of the town until they leave for the evening. Or unless it’s raining, and then everyone seems to stay holed up on the ship. Or maybe they go to Walmart on the free shuttle, because isn’t that what you’d come to Alaska to do?

We did get to see one Disney ship. It seems they strive to replicate the entire Disney experience, even the line to get back on the ship.

Ketchikan is a pretty small town. Basically built into the side of a cliff. How many roads are there here, you ask? One. Well, unless you count this one:

Half of the town has a water view, the other half has waterfront property, including the grocery store (we watched a whale breaching from inside the Safeway) and two lumber yards. Which makes it hard to believe that it took me so long to stalk the UPS guy.

But stalk him I did. I had sent 2 packages to general delivery at the USPS. This is an awesome service that you can send stuff to anyone at any post office in the US. The post office holds on to it for 30 days and just waits for you to show up, whether you live there or not. Unless you ship something UPS or FedEx, which is the caveat that I was not aware of when I ordered replacement parts for our head. I was worried that the package would get returned to CT and I’d have to poop in a bucket for the next 3 months, so I stalked the UPS guy and was able to intercept the package. Success!

Next up, we’re heading into Misty Fjords National Monument doing a circumnavigation of Revillagigedo Island (try to say that out loud - it turns out none of the locals know how to pronounce it either – they all call it Revillo). That is if we can ever get out of Ketchikan. We were stuck here for a few days stalking UPS and now the weather has turned, so it might be a while.

Fortunately, we’ve found a local bar that rivals The Sloop, our local bar at home. We’re already getting free drinks there, so we might stick around for a while.

A few other pics from around Ketchikan:

Creek Road - where the brothels used to be back in the day

Saxman Totem Park

Apparently there were no flat spaces in town until the tide went out - so back in the 20's they had to finish their baseball games before the tide came back in!

You may want to think twice before booking a cruise on Silversea

55° 21.0579'N 131° 41.1286'W


Traveller said...

That routing looks like you are still a power boat with a really great antenna.

They actually were on the third sunny day in a row the last time I was in Ketchikan.

Fair winds!

kim said...

Looks like a good time Miss Granquist!