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Pruth Bay

Cruiser lore abounds up here. Where to go, where not to go. Go on the outside, go inside. As Jason likes to say, ask 10 cruisers a question and you're likely to get 11 opinions. But we universally heard that we should make a stop at Pruth Bay. A quick hike would bring us to a glorious beach.

And they weren't kidding.

It reminded us of Isla San Francisco in Mexico, but with trees.

Not only one amazing beach, lots of hidden beaches along the best trail ever.

Boardwalks galore at this place, I tell you! I don't know how far we hiked - maybe 3 miles and kept walking across boardwalks. Kudos to the people that lug those boards all the way out there!

While I found ways to entertain myself...

Jason found ways to entertain himself as well.

The Hakai Research Institute here seems to not only offer an amazing resource to the people on the central coast of BC, but also maintain the trails and take care of the cruising boats - this place is great.

Who doesn't like a place with yurts!!! Built on an old tennis court!

And the crab??? Best crabbing yet - 11 keepers in the pot at once. I started throwing back the "small" ones until I realized I could make some friends in the anchorage by giving some away. Needless to say, there was a crab boil that night on a giant converted fishing boat (with a stateroom in the old fish hold - love it!).

51° 39.244'N 128° 07.505'W


SV Pelagia said...

Nice photos!

Obviously, you made it to the "top" of the "lookout" -- fantastic view isn't it! (last year we got to the top and marveled at the view -- damn, we forgot the camera!)

Hakai (http://hakai.org/) is indeed a wonderful place/institute (a quantum leap better than before -- we visited also in 2002 and 2007).

But do not forget, they are nestled within/surrounded by a BC Park/Nature Conservancy.

Ken and Susan said...

Love the photos, especially the one of you two! You might just convince us to head north some day.

Mary j said...

Very nice