S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Surviving Red Bluff Bay

July 13

You know what's fun?

Hanging out on deck in your bathrobe at 2:30am...

fending off a giant Bayliner...

who dragged down on you...

in 12 knots of wind.

Fortunately, we didn't have any damage. And it turns out that the owners of said powerboat were very nice and arrived with fresh apology salmon the next day (which is handy because we haven't caught any fish this entire cruise).

Besides that small hiccup, we had an AMAZING time in Red Bluff Bay. Starting from the sail there. We had to cross Chatham Strait, so we had about 20 knots on our beam as we headed towards Baranof Island. The fog obscured most of the snow-capped mountains on our way over, but once in a while they'd peak out.

As we got into the bay, we started to see the waterfalls

Every time we looked around, we saw more. At one point, I counted 29 waterfalls that we could see from one point in the middle of the bay. This was one of the more impressive ones.

As we dropped our hook, we spotted seven brown bears on shore, at the aptly named "bear meadow".

So we immediately dropped the dinghy and headed in for a closer look.

This one was in an inlet where a sailboat stern tied the next day. We decided not to stern tie.

We ended up in Red Bluff for four days as the winds blew 20-25 outside, but this place is so protected, it was hard to believe the weather forecasts.

The obligatory SUPing picture. I'm getting cocky enough to be doing yoga on the board when it's calm out. Expect to see a picture of Christy in the water pretty soon.

56° 52.302'N 134° 47.175'W


scty said...

Been there done that in Reid Harbor! Damn bayliners!
Thanks for another great tip

Kara said...

So awesome! Love it! The SUP looks great. And kynoc photos are gorgeous!

Nicole said...

So let me get this straight. The Bayliner dragged down on you in 12 knots of wind? Oh, geez. :)

The pictures are simply gorgeous, guys! xoxo
s/v Bella Star