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The police blotter

Petersburg - July 5

No, no, don't worry Mom and Dad, we didn't make the police blotter.

We got a recommendation from some fellow sailors to pick up a local newspaper in the small towns we visit. I have to say, it's been a great way to get to know some of the issues these towns face, but also provides a bit of entertainment. Here are a few of my favorites from the weekly Petersburg paper just around July 4:

June 27
A report was made of three lost keys on a white Arima float tag lost approximately three weeks ago.

Kids were reported playing in the library construction site on 1st Street and Haugen

A vehicle was reported speeding up and down Lumber Street

June 29
A warning was issued for speeding on Sandy Beach Road

Loud music from the bar was reported on Chief John Lott. Offers contacted them to turn the music down and shut the door.

June 30
A hole in the bridge on Sing Lee Alley was reported

An individual driving an electric vehicle onto the bike path to allow vehicles to pass on Mitkof Highway was reported. Driver continued to drive on path.

July 2
A lost silver iPod was reported. Individual last had the property approximately one month ago.

Two individuals looking as if they were about to fight was reported on S. Nordic Drive. Officer responded and spoke with individuals involved.

July 3
Adults allowing kids to shoot off firecrackers was reported on S. 2nd Street. Officer responded and only sparklers were present. They agreed to stick to sparklers.

July 4
Juveniles lighting fireworks in the harbor that scared the caller and caused them to fall in the water was reported at North Harbor

We spent 2 days in town, but had come directly from Wrangell, so we were ready for some anchoring by the time we left. The town itself is adorable - set amongst a really impressive set of mountains.

And we did get to wonder around our first muskeg! For those of you unfamiliar with muskegs (as I was), it's basically a bog with very acidic soil, so all of the trees and shrubs are very stunted.

56°48.804'N 132°57.671'W


Nicole said...

Great idea to grab the local paper! All the police blotter reports were awesome, but I especially love the drama that unfolded down by the water on July 4. :)
Miss you guys!
s/v Bella Star

Megan said...

The police blotter reminded me of the Tartan's "Crime and Incident" reports. So I decided to look one up for you :) This one reminded me of our ChemE comp lab hallway chair races...

April 8, 2012

University Police were called to the Gates Center for a report of students who were riding wheeled chairs down the helix walkway.

Upon arrival, officers met with the students who admitted to riding the chairs. It was explained to the students that it was dangerous and unacceptable behavior. A report was made and the students were warned that if they were caught again they would be cited.