S/V Hello World's Travel Log

wrangell throws down

The town of Wrangell, Alaska is serious about the Fourth of July. We'd heard from lots of folks to go check it out so check it out we did.

No self-respecting Fourth of July party is complete without a brass band.

Better than Halloween!

I'm actually not sure if they were part of the parade or just running down to the post office to pick up mail.

The logging competition went for five hours and we couldn't pull ourselves away.

Every time we thought: "There's no possible way they can come up with yet another way to chop wood!", Wrangell proved us wrong.

The logging competition ended with an ax throw. I really need to learn how to do THAT.

The whole town lines up for a *massive* egg toss. "Remove your rings", one experienced local told us.

Kids in Wrangell are raised in a small town on a small island so they're pretty much unleashed. Unleashed children do things like make a rocket powered Big Wheel.

The grown-ups do a little of their own unleashing.

We also noticed a few other things about Wrangell. They will construct anything out of shipping containers. Seriously. Anything.

There doesn't seem to be a car wash in town.

Parking can be hard to come by at the fish processing plant.

We also noticed they are the friendliest people we've come across yet. So many strangers started up conversations with us. Everyone looks you in the eye. They smile. They say hi.

We really liked Wrangell. It's high on our list of places to leave Hello World for the winter so it's likely we'll be back.

56° 27' 54.4"N 132° 22' 54.28"W


McKenzie said...

So many questions...in the sawing competition, what is in the bottle that the woman is holding resting on the log? It looks like booze, but its purpose is unclear.

Can you store Hello World in a shipping container?

Do you think the smoke bombs on the back of the big wheels originally served a purpose...maybe scared the bears away from eating the kid riding the big wheel?

Anonymous said...

The bottle usually has kerosene in it or something to keep the pitch from building up on the saw and to keep it from binding and getting sticky.

Christy said...

Yup, the bottle was indeed a booze bottle, but filled with diesel I believe - basicall a lubricant like Rob said.

Sadly, Hello World cannot fit into a container. They make them long enough, but not wide enough (I stopped there in my research - it's possible they'd be too low too). HOWEVER, I did find this for your viewing pleasure:

Smoke bomb bigwheels: I believe their original purpose was to leave behind a track when kids rode off the dock into the water so parents could find them. But maybe the bear thing was an unanticipated side benefit :)