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Family, family and more family!

Sometimes we complain about cruise ship ports - there are always lots of shops that cater to the passengers and it often changes the feel of a town. For a town like Juneau that can have up to 5 (yes 5!) cruise ships in town simultaneously, with an average of 2500 people aboard each, that's a whopping 12,500 people that may descend onto this town. So yeah, sometimes we complain.

But then again, sometimes those cruise ships bring people that we wouldn't see otherwise. Jason's mom, Flory, along with a ton of other family (Nikki, Tammy, Dan, Marsha, Barb, Wayne and Evie) arrived in Juneau for a lovely 8 hour stopover and we had a grand time with them. Here's Jason with his mom outside of the Red Dog Saloon (did she love the beard? Not so much)

This group has the best time ever together - I think they laughed every minute of the week they were on the boat.

We drank, we shared 7" pizzas (well one 7" pizza, for all 10 of us), we visited the state capitol and we walked up and down the hills of Juneau...quite a feat for 2 of Jason's sisters that are terrified of heights.

Then, exactly a week later, on exactly the same boat, were some other friends of ours that we had met in BC: Ed and Myrna off of M/V Important Business. More Red Dog Saloon-ing ensued and we got to meet a few of the 55 (yes 55!) people that they were with on the ship.

Two days later? More family showed up! But we'll save that for another post. :)

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Tanja said...

Wow, you guys are so lucky you get to have so many adventures!

Greetings from the Netherlands