S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Heading into town

In order to get to Sitka, we headed north around the top of Baranof and through Peril Strait, stopping at Takatz Bay, where Jason got to pull up the anchor in a spectacular downpour.

(I did get a little wet when I stuck my head out of the enclosure to take that picture, so you can feel badly for me too)

We discovered that charts in Alaska are sometimes on par with Mexico. We haven't anchored on land yet, but there are places that they're off. Hello World was mid-channel when I took this shot.

From Takatz, we headed into Peril and stayed the night in Appleton Cove. It was carpet-bombed with crap pots, so I figured there would be nothing left if I put a trap out. But when the 5-year old next door to us hauled in 3 keepers just off his boat, I gave it a try. And collected from the paddleboard!

Then it was off to Baby Bear Bay. It was a crazy entrance, which might have explained why we had it to ourselves. It was 65F and sunny and we just played all day. Jason even ventured past the bowsprit in my paddleboard!

57° 26.2784'N 135°' 33.4508'W

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Megan Riley said...

Wow. you 2 have a pretty great thing going now.I love all your photos and hope things work out for us when you are in Charlotte.