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The hottest we've been in Alaska

Warm Springs Bay - July 16

You didn't seriously think we'd pass by a bay named "Warm Springs" did you? Even though it was about 12 miles from Red Bluff Bay and an extremely short day, we had to make a stop. Unfortunately, a few fishing boats had the same idea, stacking themselves 4 deep on the free dock. We decided against rafting and found a little cove in which to anchor.

We found out later that the way to do Warm Springs is to bring your boat here in April and just leave it. For the entire summer. Maybe we'll do that next time.

The "town", if you can call it that, is adorable. Probably 20 houses, all connected by boardwalks. And all with hot springs water piped directly to their porch bathtubes or other various hot tub containers.

If that weren't amazing enough, the town is situated right next to a gorgeous waterfall.

There is a set of private rooms with really funky wooden tubs, overlooking the bay for the out-of-towners.

But if you skip by those, walk up the boardwalk past the houses...

...follow the sign...

...you get to the pools - hello relaxation!!!

The real question is, why on earth they call this place "warm" springs - these suckers are HOT.

57°' 05.3336'N 134° 50.0043'W


Verena said...

Love it there! Mike and I got a chance to enjoy the pools when we worked aboard a NOAA hydrographic research ship (the Fairweather). Maybe after cruising Mexico we can come up north... maybe...
Happy Sailing,
Verena & Mike

Unknown said...

Wow, that looks awesome. I love the "private bath". I wonder what it's like in mid January up there. Probably perfect for a evening thaw, if you can manage the hike on a slippery path. Wonderful post, and great photos.

Kara said...

This is awesome! Loving following your journey. If you decide to head south again, let's know and we'll connect you with some more fun people :). Beautiful hot springs!