S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Yay for friends!!

Sitka, July 21

Jason and I looked at each other as we sat amongst great friends in Sitka and realized that we hadn't met anyone sailing up north that was our age. We're not counting s/v Maclas since they were heading to Mexico. It's not to say we haven't met people, we have, and great people. But there's something about hanging out with folks your age that we've been missing. And we got a giant, needed dose of that when we arrived in Sitka.

Our good friends Greg and Nicole on s/v Baraka sailed up here last spring, never to return to Seattle. They landed in Sitka, got themselves jobs, 3 vehicles and then got themselves pregnant.

We managed not to take any pictures of these guys while in Sitka, so we'll have to settle for a cute one of them at our wedding

Despite that, we managed to make daily (and sometimes twice daily) visits to the local brewery here (turns out they make good rootbeer too).

Next thing we know, our friends on s/v Bolero showed up after stalking us all the way from Ketchikan! More trips to the brewery ensued (we had to let them in on this little secret). Sadly, after a few days of being social butterflies, Greg and Nicole took off with some other friends for a week long cruise and Bolero had to start heading south.

As we were wallowing in sadness, we passed by a familiar face on the dock. I met Dena on a flight from Seattle to Boise over a year ago. Somehow, we recognized each other and poof! We had friends in town again!

Other than many trips to the brewery, we did manage to see a bit of town. It's adorable and not overrun by cruise ships because the town refuses to build them a dock and turn into a "Ketchikan". Go Sitka! The mountains are gorgeous and there are a million little islands around.

Jason finally got his gigantic SUP board and we did a bit of paddling, but when we come back next year, we have big plans to dinghy the boards out to some of these islands and do some destination paddling.

And the highlight of our trip to Sitka had to be the Fortress of the Bears. Nicole had been working there and her last day happened to coincide with our arrival, so we got a behind the scenes tour and got to hand feed three of their brown bears - turns out they love baby carrots!!

How cute are these guys?? I think we could one into the quarterberth.

57° 03.4200'N 135° 21.2700'W


CB said...

The size of the SUP, seriously?

Jason said...

It looks more like a spare dinghy to me.

Greg Filipek said...

So glad you guys stopped for a visit, can't wait to get out cruising with you next spring. I was going to bitch about you not putting a link to our blog, but realized it has been months since I posted any news and there really is no cruising news to speak of from us. Maybe I'll put up a post with some pics of all of us here in Sitka, since you didn't take any yourselves.