S/V Hello World's Travel Log


There we were, winterizing the boat in Wrangell and Jason basically gets a job offer (and not any job offer - the PERFECT job offer), just dumped in his lap.

(Jason as a happily unemployed cruiser)

Did he send out one resume?

Did he even need to interview for said perfect job?

He just needed to get his butt to this job, and get there fast. They wanted him to start about 4 days after the "offer".

This was a perfect storm of a job: his exact skills, a greenfield project (meaning he doesn't have to fix other people's mistakes), a contract for 6 months, starting exactly when we wanted to start work. The only catch, you ask? It was in Charlotte.

(Sad, employed Jason)

So we found a furnished apartment on Craigslist (it turns out to be lovely, which was a relief since we saw it for the first time when we moved in), and off we moved to a town to which neither of us had ever been. Adventure!

Our "plan" is to head out in the spring and move back on the boat and take her back south...but as always, our plans are written in the sand, below the high tide line.

And here we are, just like regular ol' working stiffs. It is nice to see the bank account numbers go up every month. Oh, and did I mention we have a washer, dryer and full size fridge freezer? And if any of it breaks, we don't have to fix it!!

This apartment living thing is pretty cushy. :)


McKenzie said...

"...our plans are written in the sand, below the high tide line"

Best line ever. Is this the cruiser's slogan?

Traveller said...

Glad to hear the news!

At least you have an end date. Or at least the illusion of one.

Fair winds!

Christy said...

haha - Kenz, I wish I could claim credit for that one - it's definitely been around the block of cruisers - because it's pretty much true for all of us :)

Capt. Ddenny said...

Holy Moly Jason, get that cruisers look back ASAP. Then there won't be any temptation to work past the end of the contract. YIKES!

Capt. Denny
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