S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Kidnapped in Kansas

I land in some fairly random places for work once in a while. Like Kansas for example.

A client had me out there for 4 of the past 6 weeks. At first, it was just Kansas - I wasn't getting out a lot and it seemed pretty flat. Sometime through my 3rd week there, someone mentioned something about the boat show coming to town. "Ha! Who sails in Kansas??" I thought to myself. And then it occurred to me...I know people that sail here!!

Know might be a fairly strong word for Tom and Sabrina since we'd never actually met. But you know that never stops me. And as it turns out, it wouldn't ever stop these two either. My first time at their house for dinner, I was there for 5 hours, just chatting boats and cruising. SO FUN. Turns out I miss boating people.

Tom and Sabrina also own a Caliber 40, s/v Honey Ryder . We've been following each others blogs and emailing about the finer points of Caliber ownership for years.

We got together for my last week and they invited a few other sailors in town - and yes, I was asked for an autograph. I'm quite famous. Jason is equally famous, but unable to sign autographs since he didn't want to come to Kansas with me. Too bad for him.

Almost the entire crew (Pat, Joan, Michael, Kimberly and Tom) and of course, Larry the cat.

My groupies