S/V Hello World's Travel Log

It could have gone the other way

We spent the weekend in Savannah a while back. Another gorgeous town. In fact, we couldn't decide which we like better: Charleston or Savannah. Both beautiful and historic, both on the water.

Savannah has a very planned feel (because it was very planned, as it turned out) - but the most gorgeous overhanging trees and parks throughout town.

And we saw the greatest cop car...

And there was a really cool (modern) tall ship that we could tour - for free!

Granted, it was run by a conservative, bible thumping commune, but they were super nice.

It turns out that Jason almost went to school in Savannah instead of Oregon.

He was chatting with his mom about this and I overheard this:

"Imagine Mom, if I had gone to SCAD, I probably would have turned out Republican"

Go Ducks!!


When we moved here, I didn't really know the difference between Charleston and Charlotte...nor did most of our friends. Oh, I suppose I knew there were two different towns, in two different states, but I had no idea which was on the water and which wasn't. Turns out we landed at the land bound town. So we had to go check out Charleston while we were here. We needed a water fix!

Charleston was absolutely gorgeous. And so, so different than Charlotte. Charlotte is a banking town. The only old buildings are random churches dotted throughout downtown (excuse me, UPtown is the proper name). It's mostly giant high rise buildings. Charleston, however, has kept that historic appeal and we had a grand time wandering around

I got Jason to take a carriage ride there (and that will never happen again, so I have to enjoy it while I can). That said, it was a great tour of the historic district.

For our water fix, we took a ride on the ferry to Fort Sumter, the spot on which the civil war started (oh yes, I've been learning lots more about the civil war than I ever thought I would while living down here - it's been fun though!)

Overall, Charleston gets a thumbs up. Maybe some day we'll come back here on a boat. I think we could take Fort Sumter...