S/V Hello World's Travel Log

It could have gone the other way

We spent the weekend in Savannah a while back. Another gorgeous town. In fact, we couldn't decide which we like better: Charleston or Savannah. Both beautiful and historic, both on the water.

Savannah has a very planned feel (because it was very planned, as it turned out) - but the most gorgeous overhanging trees and parks throughout town.

And we saw the greatest cop car...

And there was a really cool (modern) tall ship that we could tour - for free!

Granted, it was run by a conservative, bible thumping commune, but they were super nice.

It turns out that Jason almost went to school in Savannah instead of Oregon.

He was chatting with his mom about this and I overheard this:

"Imagine Mom, if I had gone to SCAD, I probably would have turned out Republican"

Go Ducks!!


McKenzie said...

Typo alert! In the first paragraph I think you mean Charleston, not Charlotte... :)

Deborah said...

Savannah looks beautiful. We've long wanted to go there.
Was the boat you saw named Peacemaker, by any chance? If so, I saw it when I was on Prince Edward Island last summer.
Sorry we missed you guys at Tawn's birthday weekend!

Christy said...

Deborah, that was the boat! Thanks for the link- what a small world :) If we don't see you in May, we'll definitely see you in Sept!! :)