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wrapping up our time in charlotte

We moved to Charlotte in September of last year to take a contract job and squirrel away some cash for the next journey. Well... spring is here and so is that journey. My last day of work was yesterday. With a surprising amount of reluctance, I said goodbye to my Charlotte co-workers. Tonight will be a last gathering with the friends we've made here in Charlotte. Tomorrow - I hop on the motorcycle we had shipped out here to ride back to Seattle. Christy will work an extra week (someone has to pay for all this!) and then fly out to Albuquerque to meet me on the bike and ride with me through the last few western states.

Our last week in Charlotte, the weather finally turned nice. We spent an evening with Nate and Neville sitting on the grass watching live music at the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

Two of my favorite people.

Our last Food Truck Friday. We waited in line for an hour for a grilled cheese sandwich. Best damn grilled cheese sandwich evar.

We really loved our time in Charlotte. Our jobs introduced us to some incredible people that we're going to really miss.

Now? The fun starts.

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Nicola O. said...

Seattle has food trucks now... just sayin'.