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Non drinking month

June 16, 2013

Sometimes we have such brilliant ideas. It’s the execution that’s our issue.

We deemed June “no drinking month” aboard Hello World. A few years ago when we circumnavigated Vancouver Island, we drank hardly a drop (of liquor) – it is damn expensive in Canada and the beer is shite here. An unintended consequence of our tightwad tendencies though, was that we both dropped a bunch of weight without even trying.

After 8 months in the deep-fried south, we thought it would be worth another try to easily drop some pounds, and dry out a bit before we met up with some of the Shilshole Sailor Jerry Kids.

I’d call our experiment “successful” (how do you convey sarcastic air quotes in writing?). For the most part we didn’t drink. One beer each in Ketchikan because Wrangell was out of draught beer and the only thing they had in cans was Rainier; and one can’t inaugurate a month of sobriety with watered-down beer. And then there was Prince Rupert where we had to stock up on liquor in preparation for the rest of our summer. How can you buy a new variety of liquor and not try it? Kraken is yummy.

It was somewhat successful. Without the losing-weight part. Somehow we’ve both managed to gain a few pounds. So when we saw our anchorage buddies enjoying a tasty cocktail on their way to a fishing hole, we both looked at each other and agreed in silence that drinking seemed like a good idea.

And thus ended our “successful” “non-drinking” “month”.

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