S/V Hello World's Travel Log

hot springs cove - round 2!

Four years ago, this was one of our most favorite stops, so of course we had to come back.

We waited for the boats and planes full of tourists to leave before we headed to the hot springs (you know, because we're such locals)

Day 2 was spent carving

Our board was still looking good, so we just spruced her up and added a "2013"

We did some paddleboard exploring through a narrow cut and out to the Pacific (don't worry Mom, we didn't go into the ocean on the boards)

And saw a mama gray whale and her baby really close (fortunately we were in dinghies, not paddleboards when this happened.

She sort of looked like an underwater elephant (but the ranger insisted that it was a gray whale, so I guess that's what it was)

And Kevin "saved" a dog that was swimming around the anchorage looking really tired and whimpering. Turns out he's a local dog named Diogie (pronounced D-O-G, spelling may be incorrect) that swims across the bay to beg food off silly cruisers and campers that think he's adorable. He also occasions the hot springs and apparently swims with the gray whales (we didn't see this, but someone showed us pictures). According to the ranger (yeah, the one that thought they were gray whales instead of underwater elephants, that's the one) - Diogie bit one of the whales a few weeks back. I'm not sure how one knows that, but it apparently hasn't stopped the dog from swimming with his pals. Here's Diogie (cutest dog ever - I was seriously going to take him home when Kevin "rescued" him) approving our work on the boardwalk:

And finally (drumroll please), for those of you who remember the awful graffiti that occasioned our board 2 years ago, we finally were able to spread some graffiti love (and yes, Jason has been planning this for 2 years)


Sabrina and Tom said...

Amazing how close you were to the whales. Very kewl! Pay backs are hell for s/v Bella Star, eh? Good stuff.

s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

LittleCunningPlan.com said...

Just when I'm about to be in despair to sell our boat so we can get the 'blue water' boat, I rediscover your blog and remember that the cruising in this area is so awesome that I could cruise on our Cal34 for years and never see it all. Whew! That was close. Can't wait to see those areas for myself.
Now if I could only figure out how we could get the entire summer season on the water...