S/V Hello World's Travel Log

moving southward

After rounding Brooks Peninsula (with Cape Cook at the tip), we headed to Columbia Cove so we could go to our favorite beach on Vancouver Island

We found Japanese trash (that's been pretty common on this trip)

And some very useful trash that we will be keeping on the boats.

We even went for a swim in the VERY COLD water

From there we went to the Bunsby Islands, which we officially renamed to the Bugsby Islands (I'll let you take 3 guesses why), where we helped Palarran conquer a few more islands

We saw this on a beach

And thought "that couldn't be a refrigerator". We were wrong. Upon further inspection, we found the makings for a quick whiffleball game on Refrigerator Beach

So long Bugsby Islands - next time we're bringing more powerful electric tennis rackets.

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